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DUI cases generally all follow a similar path through the courts. After an arrest for suspected driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the suspect is usually booked, placed into a local jail or holding cell, and then released after posting bail. Just like other criminal proceedings, the actual DUI case begins with an arraignment where the defendant states his or her plea. If it's a guilty plea, it is followed by sentencing. However, there are those rare instances of not-guilty pleas which are followed by a preliminary hearing and sometimes a series of pre-trial motions, and then trial. If a defendant is found to be guilty, the judge determines the type and severity of punishment at the sentencing hearing.

Chicago DUI lawyers are qualified to guide you through this sometimes complicated process. And while DUI charges rarely are challenged by the accused, an attorney is best qualified to help you make that determination. To learn more about Chicago-area DUI cases and defense, see:

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Can You Sue For DUI Arrest Injuries?

Can you sue for injuries stemming from your DUI arrest? While the conduct leading up to the arrest for a DUI may be the driver's fault, there are still some injuries during arrest for which others are responsible. These sorts of injuries are being alleged by Cassandra Feuerstein after an incident she claims required her to obtain facial reconstructive surgery and the insertion of a titanium plate to replace shattered bones, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Feuerstein was detained for a short period of time after being arrested for drunken driving. What happened, exactly, to result in these injuries, and does she have a claim?

Man Released After Fatal DUI Sentence Headed Back to Prison

Breathe easy y'all. The village idiot is going back to prison.

Sound a little harsh? More than a decade ago, Glen Higginbotham was drunkenly drag racing when he plowed into another car, unfortunately also piloted by a drunk driver, and killed a 10-year-old girl. He was going 81 mph in a 35 mph zone. For that crime, he served seven years in prison and two years parole.

Hanin Goma Case Update: No Plea in Sight for Carter Vo's Killer

There is still time to avoid a trial, but the woman who caused a car accident that killed a 9-year-old on a bicycle while allegedly driving under the influence of multiple drugs failed to come to a plea agreement during yesterday’s court hearing. Should a deal not be struck by the next hearing, set for January 4, the case could be set for trial, reports the Chicago Tribune.

That probably would not work to Hanin Goma’s advantage. As we reported before, she confessed to police officers that she had smoked marijuana earlier that day. She was headed home from work when she hit a van while turning, spun out, and ended up on a sidewalk, where her car collided with Carter Vo, whose bicycle was hit so hard that it slid across the street and into a parked car.

Illinois DOC Mishandling DUI Due to Nepotism?

Routine inquiries by the Associated Press may have unearthed a case of nepotism and foiled a DUI cover-up within the Illinois Department of Corrections. After the AP filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the DOC regarding an employee's DUI, the agency initially had no record of mandatory reports of the incident, nor of an internal investigation.

Jeffrey Beck, 27, is the son of the chief investigator for the agency. On February 27, he allegedly had a BAC of 0.257 -- more than three times the legal limit -- when he plowed through a tree and into the parked pickup truck of Steve Harter. Harter's truck was rammed through the wall of his home, knocking him and his easy chair into the next room. Miraculously, he suffered no significant injuries.

Former Governor's Son Arrested for DUI While Parked

It’s well known trivia that many of this state’s former governors are locked up in prison. Their kids, however, usually manage to stay out of the family business.

George Ryan, Jr. was arrested for a pretty unique DUI last week. He was found sleeping behind the wheel of a running pickup truck, parked across multiple spaces, in a White Castle parking lot in Bradley, IL, reports CBS Chicago.

87-Year-Old Marine Hit in Crosswalk by Drunk Driver, Survives

Wayne Davis was crossing the street when 26-year-old repeat offender Michael Izeta blasted through a red light and sent the 87-year-old former Marine flying through the air. Amazingly enough, despite the auto versus pedestrian accident and a brain bleed, the victim is still alive, though in critical condition, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Izeta, meanwhile, is facing a lengthy prison sentence.

Sometimes, even in this twisted, cold world, there can be justice.

Head-On Collision Leads to Reckless Homicide Charges

Another fatal drunk driving case, much like the others. Nineteen-year-old Dalton Jones of Chandlerville, Illinois was driving, allegedly under the influence, eastbound on Route 125 in Cass County. He crossed over the center divider and collided head-on with 23-year-old Yvonne Tyson, who was pronounced dead at the scene, reports WLDS 1180.

The evidence against Jones is pretty clear. There is some indication that he had consumed alcohol. He also had drug paraphernalia and marijuana in his possession at the time of the accident. Even if he was not presently under the influence of weed, the mere presence of cannabis in his system, even from days before, would suffice for a DUI conviction. In other words, he was doubly-DUI.

Another School Bus Driver Gets DUI With Kids on Board

It's inevitable, right? Alcoholism is a fact of life for many. School busses are a constant in many cities. Eventually, the two have to interact.

Tuesday morning, a police officer was flagged down by an irate driver that stated that a rogue school bus had nearly rear-ended him three times. The officer tried to signal the bus driver to stop, but was either ignored or not noticed, so he had to grab his police cruiser and pull the bus over, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Prosecutors Fight to Convict Fatal Hit-and-run Driver of DUI

On Sunday morning, at around 3:30 a.m., Tundun Lawani was struck by a hit-and-run driver in Knox County, Illinois. The Knox College junior was pronounced dead later that morning at Cottage Hospital. Surveillance footage helped police identify 33-year-old Lakeesha Smith's blue 1997 Ford Taurus. According to the Knox Student, she admitted drinking between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. and her blood alcohol content was 0.72 four hours after the incident.

Smith currently faces charges for leaving the scene of a fatality, two counts of aggravated DUI, and the reckless homicide charge that was added on Monday.

Our Favorite Repeat Offender, Juan Diaz Had Four IL Licenses

More details have emerged about Juan Diaz’s past, and they are so absurd that they are actually amusing …. other than the whole drunk driving part. It turns out Mr. Diaz had as many as 8 different aliases, 4 Illinois driver’s licenses, 15 DUI convictions, 4 convictions for driving on a revoked license, and a couple of warrants out for his arrest.

And yet, he was still driving on the I-90.

As we reported on Tuesday, Diaz was caught by a pair of good Samaritans that followed his swerving van and alerted police. According to CBS Chicago, when he was pulled over, he initially claimed that he had never possessed a driver’s license and was headed home from a friend’s house after consuming two beers. He reportedly said all of this while speaking slowly, in slurred speech, with bloodshot eyes, while reeking of alcohol.