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Celebrity DUIs in Chicago

The good, the bad and the ugly details of a celebrity’s personal life rarely remain private for long. Brushes with the law make for highly charged celebrity gossip – particularly celebrity DUI charges. While we’re often entertained by the unflattering mug shots of movie stars, musicians, and politicians arrested on DUI charges; remember that they’re human just like the rest of us. And like the rest of us, the court of public opinion holds no sway in matters of justice.

You don’t need to be a celebrity to contact a Chicago DUI attorney, learn your rights and defend yourself in a court of law. But if you do find yourself on the wrong end of a DUI charge in Chicago, just be thankful that details of your alleged missteps are not broadcast to the world.

Recently in Celebrity DUIs Category

Josh Brent Gets 6 Months Jail for Fatal DUI Crash

Josh Brent, an ex-Dallas Cowboys and University of Illinois football player, was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years probation for a fatal DUI crash.

Brent was convicted of intoxication manslaughter after a drunk driving accident in Dallas killed his friend and former Illinois teammate, Jerry Brown.

Brent was sentenced under Texas laws, but what are the laws in Illinois?

Former Illini Brent's Crash, Brown's Death, Should Serve as a Lesson

There’s still time to serve as a role model. Professional athletes often lament being labeled a role model. They just want to play. Unfortunately, when you’re on the “big stage,” everything is magnified and scrutinized to a higher extent. Kids see everything you do, including your mistakes. Last week’s tragic mistake can still serve a greater good.

Josh Brent was, by many accounts, only a few months away from landing a big NFL contract. The former seventh round supplemental draft pick (which is about as low as a draft pick can possibly go) was finishing up his rookie contract and starting for one of the most storied franchises in professional sports. The week before the accident, his performance on the field sealed the victory when he stripped the ball from the opposing team in the game’s waning moments.

Only in the Midwest: Carlton Fisk Gets DUI in a Cornfield

That's a hell of a way to celebrate the 37th anniversary of one of the most famous home runs in Red Sox history. On Monday, at 7:20 pm, New Lenox police found Carlton Fisk asleep at the wheel of his Ford F-150 in the middle of a cornfield, with a flat tire and bottle of vodka in the cab, reports TMZ.

Needless to say, he was arrested and charged with DUI.

Mark Ditka Arrested for --th DUI; We Lost Count

Mark Ditka’s going to have to call the same super-lawyers that worked miracles for his family’s previous DUI arrests. Hopefully, he’s got the number on speed dial. His brother, Michael Ditka, was arrested for the rare “DUI without the keys in the ignition” and had his charges dropped back in February. He faced up to seven years, as he is a repeat offender. His attorney got the charges dropped after successfully arguing that the cops did not have reasonable suspicion or probable cause to make the arrest.

Mark’s three prior arrests included a reduced charge to reckless driving, a not guilty ruling, and last September’s arrest. The Breathalyzer results from that test were tossed out after Mark claimed that he was chewing citrus flavored tobacco, which could have influenced the test. Those charges are still pending.

Chiefs' CB Donald Washington Gets Drugged Driving Charge

A role-player and developmental prospect for the greatest team in the National Football League, the Kansas City Chiefs, was arrested on drugged driving charges, reports the Chicago Tribune. Donald Washington, 25, was pulled over after hitting 88 mph in Effingham County. After detecting the odor of marijuana, the officer searched the vehicle and found marijuana in a backpack in the trunk.

Disclaimer: This blogger is an obsessive Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Setting fandom aside for a moment, let's all take a moment to ponder how the officer was able to smell marijuana that was in a backpack in the trunk. Was Washington really stupid enough to smoke weed in the car? Did he simply have the foresight to tuck the rest of the stash in a backpack in the trunk?

Michael Ditka DUI Charges Dropped

In the Michael Ditka DUI, the son of legendary Bears coach Mike Ditka was arrested when he was found asleep inside his car parked at a Deerfield strip mall.

As we wrote earlier, someone can be arrested for a DUI if they simply have control of the car. You do not actually have to be driving to be arrested for drunk driving.

Michael Ditka DUI Defenses, Probable Cause for Arrest?

Michael Ditka was arrested for a DUI in April after he failed a field sobriety test. The son of former Bears' legend faced felony DUI charges given his prior convictions.

But Ditka is saying that the DUI charges should be thrown out. Ditka is not arguing that he was not drunk at the time of arrest. Instead, he's just saying he should never have been arrested.

So, what is the Michael Ditka DUI defense?

Derrick Rose DUI? No, Bulls Star Not Driver in Friend's DUI

It's been a rough month for past and present members of the Chicago Bulls. Former Bulls' big man, Ben Wallace, was arrested for a DUI in September and was assigned the same judge that handed down a 93-day prison sentence to another former Bull, Jalen Rose.

This month, Derrick Rose settled a personal injury claim over his playing days at the University of Memphis. Now, the 2011 NBA MVP has been tied to a Los Angeles DUI as his childhood friend was arrested with Rose in the passenger seat, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Randy Michaels DUI, Former Tribune Co. Chief Arrested in Ohio

Randy Michaels DUI, former Tribune Co. chief executive has fallen even further.

Michaels was arrested for a DUI near Cincinnati early Friday morning, reports the Chicago Tribune. Police found his car stuck in a ditch with water up to the vehicle's frame in a construction zone. An officer who approached the car said he smelled alcohol on Michaels, noticed his eyes were bloodshot, and described Michaels as unsteady on his feet.

Mark Ditka DUI: After Mike Comes Mark

Mark Ditka DUI. Yet another son of famed Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka has been arrested for driving under the influence. Last week, Ditka was arrested in Deerfield after a routine traffic stop gone bad. His brother, Michael Ditka, was previously arrested for a DUI in April and recently saw his charges upgraded to felony charges due to previous DUIs.

On September 24, a police officer noticed that Mark Ditka was driving without a front license plate, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The police officer attempted to make a routine traffic stop, but Ditka refused to stop and continued driving.