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4-Time DUI Offenders May Drive Under Proposed Law

If a proposed bill passes, four-time DUI offenders in Illinois may be able to apply for restricted driving permits.

Under the current DUI laws, only drunk drivers who incur up to three DUIs are allowed to apply for a restricted permit, according to Illinois' KFVS-TV.

So if passed, how will the proposed bill affect the current laws?

Restricted Driving Permits

In Illinois, drivers with two or three DUI convictions may be able to obtain a restricted driving permit, according to Cyber Drive Illinois. However, if a restricted permit is granted, an ignition interlock device will be installed in the driver's vehicle. Restricted permits allow DUI offenders to drive to work during working hours, to school, or for medical treatments.

According to Cyber Drive Illinois, to obtain a restricted permit, here's what the offender must do:

  • Prove hardship and provide a current professional alcohol or drug evaluation.
  • Appear at a hearing before a hearing officer in the Secretary of State's Department of Administrative Hearings. The hearing officer will review the applicant's driving record to ensure that allowing the driver on the road for a limited basis won't harm the public.
  • Install an ignition interlock device. If the offender has two or more DUIs within the past 10 years, he or she is required to have an ignition interlock device installed in his vehicle for the duration of the restricted permit. The offender is also responsible for the installation fees.
  • Pay a $50 filing fee when requesting a formal hearing for the permit.

How Will The Proposed Law Affect DUI Laws?

Under the current Illinois laws, past your third DUI violation, you won't be allowed to apply for a restricted driving permit. However, if the new bill is passed, fourth time offenders may be granted restricted permits.

The proposed bill could help keep drunk drivers off the road. DUI offenders with suspended licenses may still hit the road, but if repeat offenders (even four-timers) have ignition interlock devices, there's the hope that drivers will be more accountable, according to KFVS-TV.

If you need more help with obtaining a restricted permit or DUI laws, consult an experienced DUI attorney in Chicago.

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