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5 Don'ts After a DUI Crash

Nobody wants to be involved in a DUI crash, but if you happen to land yourself in one, there are some do's and don'ts to follow.

Case in point, a Kenosha man was charged with not only two felony counts of driving under the influence but also a misdemeanor charge for leaving the scene of a crash, Chicago's WMAQ-TV reports. That last charge could have been avoided had he stuck to proper protocol after a crash.

A DUI-related crash is already bad enough; you don't want to exacerbate the situation. Here are five don'ts to avoid after a crash:

  1. Don't leave the scene. When any type of motor vehicle accident occurs, it's both practical and legally prudent to remain at the scene after a crash. Leaving the scene not only looks like you are fleeing, but depending on the crash, is likely to be illegal and could lead to a hit-and-run charge.
  2. Don't hide from police. You may be scared at the scene of an accident, but, whatever you do -- don't hide from the police. The police will likely conduct an in-depth investigation to locate you if you're involved in the crash. If police cannot locate you, a warrant for your arrest may be issued.
  3. Don't say anything. While complying with an officer's questioning is usually encouraged, remember that there are certain things you should still avoid saying. For example, you shouldn't admit guilt. This does not mean lying to an officer, but you are not obligated to incriminate yourself.
  4. Don't resist arrest. Getting arrested is scary, but you will not help yourself by resisting an arresting officer. Remember, an arrest is not an indicator of guilt; it is just a beginning step in the criminal process. On the other hand, resisting arrest can not only make you appear more guilty or unwilling, it can end in an assault charge.
  5. Don't panic. Panicking will get you nowhere. Remember that while it may not seem like it, you still have options. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can ensure a fair outcome for your case.

DUI car crashes are scary on their own. Make sure that you don't make them even worse handling it badly.

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