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Are DUI Checkpoints Ever Illegal in Illinois?

DUI checkpoints are generally not welcome by drivers, even if they are behind the wheel completely legally (read: sober). While many states do not actually conduct DUI checkpoints, Illinois is not one of them. This means you likely will encounter one, if you haven't already.

So, can DUI checkpoints ever be illegal? Here is some background information and the answer to that question.

Driving While Medicated: DUIs and Medical Marijuana

The Illinois bill concerning medical marijuana, now awaiting Gov. Pat Quinn's signature, places serious limits on its use. The bill in no way protects pot-smoking patients from DUI penalties.

For a driver who is found to be under the influence of medically legal marijuana, here are the possible ramifications:

5 Things to Remember When Contesting Field Sobriety Tests

When a driver has decided to refuse blood or Breathalyzer tests, a field sobriety test may be the main or only evidence of her intoxication.

Although there are often penalties to refusing chemical tests for alcohol, it can be a lot easier to beat a DUI case with only a field sobriety test as evidence.

Here are five things to remember when contesting a field sobriety test (FST) in court: