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DUI Convictions: 7 Potential Penalties Aside From Jail

When you think about the penalties for a DUI in Illinois, you typically think about possible jail time and monetary fines.

While jail time and fines are good reasons for concern, you should be aware that there may be many additional penalties as well. In fact, some of these penalties may have a greater impact on your life than spending a few days in jail.

Here's a look at seven consequences of a DUI conviction besides jail, as provided by the Illinois Secretary of State.

  1. A blemish on your driving record. A DUI conviction can become a permanent part of your driving record.

  2. Effects on employment. You may lose work time because you have to deal with your criminal case. You may also lose your job if your job depends upon driving and having a valid driver's license.

  3. An alcohol or drug education program. You may be required to attend (and pay for) alcohol and drug education courses.

  4. An ignition interlock device. To be able to drive again, a court may order that you install an ignition interlock device in your car. You will have to blow into the device every time you want to drive to ensure your sobriety. Not only are these devices a hassle, they are also extremely expensive to install and maintain.

  5. Auto insurance rates. A DUI will cause your auto insurance premiums to skyrocket.

  6. Vehicle registration. Your vehicle registration may be suspended as a result of a drunken driving conviction.

  7. Vehicle impoundment. Your vehicle may be seized or impounded if you are convicted of certain DUI offenses like driving on a suspended license from a previous DUI, causing great bodily injury with your DUI, or if you have three or more DUI convictions in your history.

A DUI conviction can have many long-term impacts on your personal and professional life. As a result, you may want to work with an experienced attorney to fight your DUI charges, or to work on a favorable plea bargain.

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