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5 DUI-Related Offenses All Drivers Should Know

Getting arrested for drunken driving may just be the start of your problems. Along with facing a DUI charge, you could also face a host of DUI-related charges and offenses.

The penalties for these offenses may be as severe as those for drinking and driving. And when combined with the DUI charge itself, you could face significant jail time, fines, and license suspensions.

Here is a look at five DUI-related offenses, as provided by the Illinois Secretary of State:

  1. Drug possession. Frequently, a drugged or drunken driver will also have drugs in his vehicle. This can include controlled substances like cocaine and marijuana. You should know that you may be convicted of this offense, regardless of whether you were impaired while driving. So if you later test below a 0.08% blood alcohol level, you could still face these drug charges.

  2. Permitting a driver who's under the influence to operate a vehicle. Even if you are not the driver, you could face penalties related to a DUI. It is generally considered a misdemeanor to knowingly allow another person to operate a vehicle if you know that person is drunk.

  3. Driving on a suspended license. This charge is frequently brought against drunk drivers and repeat DUI offenders. If you are caught driving on a suspended license while drunk, you could face aggravated DUI charges and enhanced penalties.

  4. Liability via dram shop laws. Businesses that sell alcohol to an obviously impaired person may be liable for any injuries caused by that person, if he subsequently drives drunk. Victims of DUI crashes can often rely on these laws to bring a civil claim against the establishments.

  5. Open container laws. It is generally illegal to transport, carry, possess, or have any alcoholic beverages in the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle unless the containers are unopened.

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