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What is Summary Suspension for a DUI?

A statutory summary suspension in Illinois provides for the automatic suspension of someone's driver's license should the individual fail a blood alcohol test or refuse to submit to a test.

Statutory summary suspensions are automatic and typically effective on the 46th day from the date of the suspension notice, as explained by the Illinois Secretary of State.

You should remember that a license suspension is separate from the criminal penalties you face for a DUI. So even if you have your criminal charges dropped, you still could face a driver's license suspension.

8 Facts About Illinois' 0.08% DUI Limit

We now all associate a 0.08% blood alcohol content as the general legal limit for drunken driving. But how much do you really know about the limit?

Here are eight facts about the 0.08% blood alcohol limit, as provided by the Illinois Secretary of State:

The 3 Legal Limits for Drunken Driving in Illinois

Do you know the legal limit for drunken driving in Illinois? No, this is not a trick question.

You may safely guess that 0.08% is the blood alcohol limit for a DUI. And you would be correct, because for anyone over this limit, you are presumed to be driving drunk.

But did you also know that the legal limit for driving drunk can also be 0.04% as well as zero? So what gives?

The 10 Steps of a DUI Arrest in Illinois

If you get arrested for a DUI in Illinois, you should be prepared to go through a series of standard procedures that officers use for just about every DUI arrest in the state.

In general, there are 10 steps you can expect during the arrest process, from the initial stop to your vehicle being impounded.

Here's what to expect: