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Our Favorite Repeat Offender, Juan Diaz Had Four IL Licenses

More details have emerged about Juan Diaz’s past, and they are so absurd that they are actually amusing …. other than the whole drunk driving part. It turns out Mr. Diaz had as many as 8 different aliases, 4 Illinois driver’s licenses, 15 DUI convictions, 4 convictions for driving on a revoked license, and a couple of warrants out for his arrest.

And yet, he was still driving on the I-90.

As we reported on Tuesday, Diaz was caught by a pair of good Samaritans that followed his swerving van and alerted police. According to CBS Chicago, when he was pulled over, he initially claimed that he had never possessed a driver’s license and was headed home from a friend’s house after consuming two beers. He reportedly said all of this while speaking slowly, in slurred speech, with bloodshot eyes, while reeking of alcohol.

He then brought his wife into the lies. He stated that he was visiting his wife’s nearby home. When she drove up, he came out of the house to park the van for her. “Just parking the van” is not a defense to DUI by the way. The only requirement is that a driver exercises “dominion and control” over the vehicle. He could have climbed into the driver’s seat while still parked, with keys in hand, and passed out, and still have been charged.

He also claimed that he was Juan Diaz, born April 4, 1964 and was 52-years-old. (We’ll save you the math - it doesn’t add up).

The cops ran his prints at the station after he gave them another name and three more birthdates. They found Juan Diaz, Juan M. Diaz-DeLeon, Manuel Diaz, Filadelfo Delgado, Enrique Ortiz, Juan Hernandez Morales, and Thomas Lopez.

(He must’ve ran out of variations on Juan Diaz.)

According to CBS, Manuel Diaz had a warrant out for his arrest on burglary charges.

In addition to the earlier reported Class X aggravated DUI charge for 6 or more priors, which carries a sentence of 6 to 30 years in prison, he’s also facing 2 other variations of felony DUIs (likely tied to DUI on a suspended license and DUI without insurance), aggravated driving with a revoked license after 4 or more DWRL charges (another felony), misdemeanor DUI, and driving without insurance.

One does wonder, if he had four licenses issued to him, if he could be charged with four separate counts of driving on a suspended or revoked license? After all, would anyone truly object to overcharging someone this dangerous? There are also possible charges for obtaining and possessing fraudulent licenses that could add more time to his sentence.

It might not matter anyway. The multiple existing felony charges should ensure that if he is convicted, the (possibly) 54-year-old man won’t be driving any time soon.

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