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Head-On Collision Leads to Reckless Homicide Charges

Another fatal drunk driving case, much like the others. Nineteen-year-old Dalton Jones of Chandlerville, Illinois was driving, allegedly under the influence, eastbound on Route 125 in Cass County. He crossed over the center divider and collided head-on with 23-year-old Yvonne Tyson, who was pronounced dead at the scene, reports WLDS 1180.

The evidence against Jones is pretty clear. There is some indication that he had consumed alcohol. He also had drug paraphernalia and marijuana in his possession at the time of the accident. Even if he was not presently under the influence of weed, the mere presence of cannabis in his system, even from days before, would suffice for a DUI conviction. In other words, he was doubly-DUI.

Jones is presently in the hospital, in stable but serious condition. He’s lucky to be alive, as he was not only stupid enough to drive drunk (and possibly high), but he also wasn’t wearing a seat belt when he crossed into oncoming traffic.

His luck stops there, however, as he was charged with reckless homicide on Wednesday, in addition to aggravated DUI, drug possession, drug paraphernalia possession, failure to wear a seat belt, illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor, and improper lane usage.

(They forgot failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident. Just sayin’.)

Reckless homicide is defined as unintentionally killing someone without lawful justification using a motor vehicle. The person’s conduct must be likely to cause death or great bodily harm.

The homicide charge is a Class 3 felony that is punishable by up to five years in prison, while the aggravated DUI charge is a Class 4 felony that carries up to three years in prison.

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