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Former Governor's Son Arrested for DUI While Parked

It’s well known trivia that many of this state’s former governors are locked up in prison. Their kids, however, usually manage to stay out of the family business.

George Ryan, Jr. was arrested for a pretty unique DUI last week. He was found sleeping behind the wheel of a running pickup truck, parked across multiple spaces, in a White Castle parking lot in Bradley, IL, reports CBS Chicago.

The investigating officer woke Ryan, noticed the smell of alcohol on his breath, his bloodshot eyes, and that he was slurring his speech. After Ryan failed field sobriety tests, he was taken into the station, where he refused to submit to a BAC test or answer questions.

He wasn't driving, nor was there any indication that he had been in a crash. So how was he arrested for driving under the influence?

This is the perfect opportunity to remind our readers that you do not need to be driving to get a DUI. The language of the statute states, "shall not drive or be in actual physical control of any vehicle within this State" while under the influence. This means that the wise decision to sleep off that booze instead of driving could still land you behind bars.

If you've had a few too many, and need to sleep it off, your first choice should be to take a cab home or to a hotel. If that is not an option, and you wish to sleep in your car, you're probably better off leaving your keys in the trunk or somewhere else inaccessible.

Sure, in winter, sleeping in a frozen car does not sound like fun. A DUI certainly sounds worse, however. Having your keys out of reach could make it more difficult for the officer to demonstrate that you were "in actual physical control" of the vehicle.

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