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July 2012 Archives

Driver in Fatal 3 Car Accident Had .207 Blood Alcohol Level

Pavlo Lulak, 23, was in court today to face charges related to Sunday's three car accident that killed one of the alleged drunk driver's passengers, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. According to prosecutors, his blood alcohol content was measured at 0.207, more than 2.5 times the legal limit.

He has been charged with aggravated DUI involving a death. The penalty for the felony aggravated charge is anywhere from 3 to 14 years in prison, depending on such factors as other injuries, blood alcohol content, and the defendant's priors, if any. Probation is only an option in "extreme circumstances," which might include a medical emergency.

Drunk Driver Killed One, Injured Two, Gets Eight

Brayone Murff, 31, ended his DUI case today by pleading guilty to aggravated DUI charges, reports the Pantagraph. The plea bargain means he'll be sentenced to eight years in prison, 85 percent of which must be served before he is released.

Murff, while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, collided with another car, killing his own passenger, Tony Buck, and injuring 39-year-old Nashanna Tatum and her passenger, 3-year-old Takiya Williams. His drugs of choice were alcohol and marijuana.

Deputy's DUI: 'Oh God, I Hope I Didn't Kill This Guy'

There's an old cliché that's bandied about pretty often; no one is above the law. It's an annoying phrase that most of us scoff at when we hear it. How many times have we heard stories of favoritism and favors that at least make us suspicious? This is doubly true in Chicago, a city known throughout its history for corrupt politics.

Not this time.

Chiefs' CB Donald Washington Gets Drugged Driving Charge

A role-player and developmental prospect for the greatest team in the National Football League, the Kansas City Chiefs, was arrested on drugged driving charges, reports the Chicago Tribune. Donald Washington, 25, was pulled over after hitting 88 mph in Effingham County. After detecting the odor of marijuana, the officer searched the vehicle and found marijuana in a backpack in the trunk.

Disclaimer: This blogger is an obsessive Kansas City Chiefs fan.

Setting fandom aside for a moment, let's all take a moment to ponder how the officer was able to smell marijuana that was in a backpack in the trunk. Was Washington really stupid enough to smoke weed in the car? Did he simply have the foresight to tuck the rest of the stash in a backpack in the trunk?

Another Repeat Offender Gets Lengthy Sentence for 6th Conviction

The moment he ended up in the creek, he was up the creek without a paddle.

Jeffrey P. Allen, 42, of Monticello, pled guilty to an aggravated driving under the influence charge, reports the News-Gazette. After he entered his plea, the judge sentenced Allen to 14 years in prison.

Drunk Driver Injures 4, Drove on a Suspended License; Felony?

Eduardo Perez, 34, of Bolingbrook, is in some deep fecal matter. Perez, while allegedly drunk and high, caused a three-vehicle accident that sent four people to the hospital, reports the Chicago Tribune. To make matters worse, he was driving on a license that was suspended for a previous drunk driving arrest.

According to police, Perez caused the accident when he attempted to pass a westbound Chevrolet on the left. Perez reportedly crossed into the Eastbound lanes and collided with another vehicle that was turning into the Eastbound lane. His car ricocheted into the Chevrolet and then collided with a CTA support beam.

Judge David Hall Acquitted of DUI: How the Defense Did It

A man gets pulled over after swerving across the center line on the road multiple times. He is reportedly obstinate, uncooperative, and combative. He refuses field sobriety tests and stiff arms the arresting officers. A witness says he even rolls up his window and turns on his ignition, signaling that he is not going in without a fight.

A bit of pepper spray later, he is taken to the hospital for an irregular heartbeat. He refuses a Breathalyzer test and his blood tests at 0.107. The legal limit is 0.08.

Based on these facts, reported by the Chicago Tribune, that should mean slam dunk DUI and resisting arrest convictions for the defendant, Chief Judge David Hall of Lake County, right?

Man Gets Six Years For Sixth DUI in Nine Years

Consistency. Persistence. Dependability. These are all attributes that could be assigned to Horacio Rodriquez-Martinez’s record as a drunk driver. Six times in nine years, reports the Chicago Tribune. Considering the mandatory jail time for repeat offenses, that means he pretty much drove drunk every time he got released.

Impressive. And consistent. He’ll be in jail now for a much longer time. Rodriquez-Martinez was sentenced to six years by Associate Judge Lauren Gottainer Edidin earlier this week for his most recent run at the drunk driving record. Right now, he’s tied with Anderson Sotomayor of New Jersey. That guy got his first five over five weeks, and his sixth shortly thereafter. At least it took Rodriquez-Martinez nine years to hit six.

$1 Mill Bail for Matthew Senica, Drunk Driver That Killed Nurse

The man behind Sunday's drunk driving collision that claimed the life of an intensive care unit nurse is "beside himself with grief" and "filled with remorse."

"He can't get over the fact that somebody died. He doesn't care about himself. He cares about the fact that someone is gone. He's beside himself with grief. He feels like anybody else would. He's heartsick," his attorney Russell Miller told the Herald-News.

That's nice. According to the prosecutor, at the time of his collision with Heidi Roseen, he was allegedly filled with marijuana, cocaine, opiates, and alcohol.

Man on the Tail End of a 13 Hour Bender T-Bones, Kills Nurse

There’s not a word strong enough to describe the conduct that led to 51-year-old Heidi Roseen’s death. Tragic, preventable, violent, idiotic … they all fall short in describing her death at the hands of a drunk driver.

Matthew Senica, 25, of Orland Park, told cops that he started drinking at 5 p.m. More than 13 hours later, at about 6:20 a.m., his Ford F-150 blew through a red light at over 60 miles per hour and slammed into Roseen’s Ford Explorer, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Repeat Offender Faces 26 Years for DUI Death, Injuries

Vicente Torres-Vasquez pled guilty earlier this week to three aggravated DUI charges in Lake County, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Torres-Vasquez, who had three prior DUIs, had a Breathalyzer reading of more than triple the legal limit after the accidents.

Torres-Vasquez had just finished watching a soccer game at Chiefs Field near Wauconda. He pulled his SUV out into traffic and collided with a motorcycle. His car then collided with a Hyundai, carrying two women.

Unlicensed Drugged Driver Pleads Guilty in Death of Three Siblings

We cover aggravated DUI cases and drugged driving cases pretty often around here. After all, this is the Chicago DUI Law Blog. We've seen a lot of drugged drivers and deadly DUIs. This one, however, was especially tragic.

Sandra M. Ross, 27, pled guilty today in the drugged driving death of three of her siblings, reports the Herald-Review. According to the prosecutor, she had been travelling at between 75 and 85 mph when she attempted to pass a vehicle, hit the shoulder, lost control, and ended up in the lane of oncoming traffic.

New Chicago Taxi Ordinances: $50 Vomit Fee, Safety Measures

This is outrageous! Sheer abuse! If you can't puke in a cab, where can you puke?

Okay, so the feigned outrage really isn't working. What kind of a jerk vomits in a cab and doesn't throw the driver a few $20 bills to cover the stank? That is outrageous.

Apparently, there are enough of those people, because the city has a new ordinance, that took effect on July 1, that allows cab drivers to tack on an optional $50 cleanup fee, reports the Huffington Post.