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Hanin Goma, Drugged Driver that Killed Kid, Indicted

Back in May, we discussed the preventable tragedy of 9-year-old Carter Vo's death, which resulted from a drugged driver's chain-reaction collision. Though it was pretty much a foregone conclusion after Hanin Goma, 23, of Skokie confessed, the grand jury officially indicted her on charges for the child's death, reports the Chicago Tribune.

The accident occurred when Goma, who admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the day and had methamphetamines in her system, collided with a Ford Transit Van at the intersection of Main Street and St. Louis Avenue.

Her car spun out and ended up on the sidewalk, where Carter Vo was riding his bike. His bike slid across the intersection and hit another parked car. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

After the prosecutor presented evidence to the grand jury, an indictment was handed down. Hanin Goma will face charged for one felony count of aggravated driving under the influence resulting in death, and one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence of drugs.

The DUI resulting in death charge carries a very severe penalty. Though it is classified as a Class 2 felony, the statute specifies that absent extraordinary circumstances, the minimum punishment should be 3 years. The maximum punishment is 14 years.

From what we know so far, she tested positive for both marijuana and methamphetamine metabolites. According to the drugged driving laws of Illinois, metabolites alone are enough to convict on the underlying DUI charge.

Add in her confession to smoking earlier that day, plus the corroborating witness to the weed smoking, and a conviction and lengthy prison sentence for Hanin Goma seems likely.

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