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John Kohlbeck Violates Terms of Probation with 0.430 BAC

John Kohlbeck was arrested for a DUI back in 2008 for driving drunk into oncoming traffic in Elgin. He avoided a serious accident, but was apparently so drunk when he was arrested that he couldn’t even stand, reports the Daily Herald.

That arrest was the 43-year-old Kohlbeck’s third offense, and he faced felony DUI charges and a possible seven-year prison term. However, probation was also an option. He was ultimately convicted of the crime, but sentenced to only six months in jail and 30 months’ probation.

Generally, probation means that someone can avoid going to jail so long as he abides by certain restrictions and rules. The catch is that if the person violates any of the terms of probation, he could face the original penalties that he faced — in Kohlbeck’s case, going to jail for seven years.

John Kohlbeck’s probation required that he not drink at all during the 30 months’ probation. Additionally, he was required to wear an anklet device that monitored whether he drank or not, reports the Daily Herald.

A couple of weeks ago, Kohlbeck’s anklet device measured that he had not only drank alcohol, but had gone on a drinking binge during which he drank for nine straight days, resulting in a blood alcohol level that topped out at 0.430. Kohlbeck was not accused of driving, but for a point of reference, the legal limit to drink and drive is 0.08.

For violating the terms of his probation, John Kohlbeck did not receive another chance to avoid jail; he was sentenced to four years behind bars. His nine-day binge turned into a four-year prison stay.

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