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Glen Higginbotham Arrested Again for DUI After Killing Girl

Over a decade ago, Glen Higginbotham was drunk and drag racing when he struck a car carrying ten-year-old Candace Graham. Graham was not wearing a seatbelt when her car was hit and she was killed in the collision.

Higginbotham had a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit and was driving 81 mph in a 35 mph zone when he struck Graham's car, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. For the DUI death, Higginbotham received seven years in jail and two years parole for reckless homicide. Higginbotham has only been off parole for 18 months, but it's now being reported that the 33-year-old man faces two new DUI charges for separate incidents.

The first DUI arrest came a year ago, only five months after Higginbotham was discharged, reports the Sun-Times. In that case, police found Higginbotham slumped behind the wheel of his running car with a half-empty bottle of vodka next to him. His car was sitting in someone's front yard.

His second DUI arrest came just last week on Christmas Day. In that case, police say they saw Higginbotham pull his truck into a parking lot with one of the tires partially off its rim and shooting sparks, reports the Sun-Times. He had struck another vehicle before pulling into the lot.

The court dates for both DUIs are set for this month. For either charge, Higginbotham will likely face aggravated DUI charges and a five-year prison term due to his DUI history.

In Illinois, someone arrested for any DUI following a conviction for a DUI death faces aggravated charges. This is considered a class 3 felony and someone convicted of the crime can be imprisoned between two and five years.

It looks like Glen Higginbotham shows little remorse for the DUI death of Candace Graham as he's been arrested twice already for drunk driving since being released from prison. A judge is probably going to show even less remorse when sentencing him for his crimes.

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