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Aggravated DUI Death Suspect Saul Chavez Disappears

Last summer we wrote about Saul Chavez, the DUI suspect who struck and killed insurance broker William McCann in his Logan Square neighborhood.

Chavez reportedly struck McCann so hard that he sent the 66-year-old insurance broker flying into his windshield. When Chavez hit the brakes, McCann fell to the ground. But instead of helping the fallen man, Chavez then tried to make a getaway by driving over McCann and dragging him several hundred feet, killing him, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Chavez was jailed pending his hearing for the death. But after posting bond, the DUI suspect disappeared.

You'd be surprised to know that the amount that Chavez posted to be released from jail was only $25,000. Chavez faced criminal charges for killing a man and could have faced 14 years in jail for the aggravated DUI, and yet he was released from jail for a relatively paltry sum.

This is especially surprising given the fact that Chavez is apparently an undocumented immigrant who lists a Mexico address, making him a greater flight risk, reports the Sun-Times.

Generally, judges set the bail amount for criminal defendants pending hearing. The amount of bail can depend upon many factors like the type of crime committed, the criminal history of the defendant, and the likelihood that the defendant would flee.

In Chavez's case, the man faced penalties for killing someone, had a prior history of felony DUIs, and listed another country's address. These would all seemingly point to a high flight risk warranting a high bail amount.

Instead, the judge gave Saul Chavez a relatively light $250,000 bail for the aggravated DUI death. After posting $25,000 -- the 10 percent required to post bond -- Chavez was released and subsequently disappeared.

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