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Randy Michaels DUI, Former Tribune Co. Chief Arrested in Ohio

Randy Michaels DUI, former Tribune Co. chief executive has fallen even further.

Michaels was arrested for a DUI near Cincinnati early Friday morning, reports the Chicago Tribune. Police found his car stuck in a ditch with water up to the vehicle's frame in a construction zone. An officer who approached the car said he smelled alcohol on Michaels, noticed his eyes were bloodshot, and described Michaels as unsteady on his feet.

Michaels was asked to perform three field sobriety tests, including walking in a straight line and standing on one leg, reports the Tribune. The former executive failed all the tests.

The officer arrested Michaels and brought him to a local jail. At the jail, Michaels consulted with his attorney and refused to take a Breathalyzer test. Apparently, this refusal is allowed in Ohio.

Refusing to take the Breathalyzer probably would have also been allowed had the accident occurred in Illinois. Generally, police can require that someone take a blood alcohol test only in situations where someone was involved in an injury accident.

Still, even without a blood alcohol test result, prosecutors probably have a strong case against Michaels for his DUI. He did fail several field sobriety tests, reportedly smelled and looked like he was drunk, and his car was found stuck in a ditch in a pool of water.

The Randy Michaels DUI is another bump in the road for the former Tribune Co. executive who had seemingly turned his career around in the radio industry. After leaving the Tribune Co. amidst sexual misconduct rumors, Michaels re-entered the radio business by purchasing several stations.

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