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Mark Ditka DUI: After Mike Comes Mark

Mark Ditka DUI. Yet another son of famed Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka has been arrested for driving under the influence. Last week, Ditka was arrested in Deerfield after a routine traffic stop gone bad. His brother, Michael Ditka, was previously arrested for a DUI in April and recently saw his charges upgraded to felony charges due to previous DUIs.

On September 24, a police officer noticed that Mark Ditka was driving without a front license plate, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The police officer attempted to make a routine traffic stop, but Ditka refused to stop and continued driving.

Ditka was clocked driving 50 mph in a 40-mph zone, before he was eventually stopped, reports the Sun-Times. During police questioning, Ditka's responses were reportedly slow and slurred. He also smelled of alcohol.

The police officer then had Ditka undergo field sobriety tests which he failed. Ditka was reportedly off balance and needed to steady himself just to walk. Ditka registered a 0.16 blood alcohol concentration -- twice the legal limit -- and he was charged for a DUI, speeding, and failure to display registration.

Adding to his misery, police inventoried his car and found a travel bag in his trunk, reports the Sun-Times. Inside the bag was a single yellow pill which has been sent to a crime lab for testing.

We previously wrote that DUI stops often lead to additional charges. In the Mark Ditka DUI, the son of the Chicago Bears legend may receive drug charges to go along with his DUI charge pending the results of the crime lab testing.

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