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Derrick Rose DUI? No, Bulls Star Not Driver in Friend's DUI

It's been a rough month for past and present members of the Chicago Bulls. Former Bulls' big man, Ben Wallace, was arrested for a DUI in September and was assigned the same judge that handed down a 93-day prison sentence to another former Bull, Jalen Rose.

This month, Derrick Rose settled a personal injury claim over his playing days at the University of Memphis. Now, the 2011 NBA MVP has been tied to a Los Angeles DUI as his childhood friend was arrested with Rose in the passenger seat, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Randall Hampton was driving Rose in a black BMW when they were pulled over at two in the morning, reports the Sun-Times. Hampton was arrested after a failed field sobriety test, while Rose was free to go.

It wasn't reported if Hampton took a blood alcohol test, and if so, what his blood alcohol content was at the time of arrest. It also was not reported if this was Hampton's first DUI arrest.

Had the arrest occurred in Illinois, both of these factors would play into Hampton's penalty. That's because someone arrested for more than one DUI can face minimum jail time. And someone with a history of three or more DUI convictions faces aggravated DUI and felony charges.

In addition, someone arrested with a blood alcohol level of at least 0.16 faces enhanced penalties.

While there was no Derrick Rose DUI, the fact that the Bulls' star was associated with another DUI may be troubling to Bulls' fans.

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