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October 2011 Archives

Geno Green Charged w/ DUI in Serious Injury Accident

Earlier this week, Geno Green struck a woman as she was crossing a street in the Washington Park neighborhood. Green has now been charged with felony aggravated driving under the influence and could face substantial jail time.

Green, a 25-year-old man from the Far South Side, was driving his Jeep Liberty at about 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, reports the Chicago Tribune. A 52-year-old woman was crossing the street at a crosswalk and Green struck the woman, throwing her onto the pavement and critically injuring her.

What Are Illinois DUI Penalties for an Ordinary Offense?

We have written before of aggravated DUIs and DUIs involving death and how drivers face many years in jail for such crimes. However, you may be wondering what are Illinois DUI penalties if you simply get pulled over without accident, injury, or other circumstances that would bump your charge up to an aggravated offense.

In Illinois, DUIs are generally considered Class A misdemeanors. This is the most serious misdemeanor charge, and someone convicted of the crime could theoretically receive up to one year in jail. However, if you are simply pulled over for a DUI, and have no prior history of DUI convictions, you may be able to avoid jail time completely.

Chicago Megabus DUI Arrest

Police made a Chicago Megabus DUI arrest last Friday night. The driver of the bus was carrying between 30 to 40 passengers on a bus headed from Chicago to Iowa City.

Carl Smiley is being held at an Iowa jail on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. The 52-year-old driver was pulled over near Iowa City at about 10 p.m., reports NBC. Passengers on the bus said they felt that the bus was swerving, but believed that it was due to the wind and not alcohol-induced driving.

Derrick Rose DUI? No, Bulls Star Not Driver in Friend's DUI

It's been a rough month for past and present members of the Chicago Bulls. Former Bulls' big man, Ben Wallace, was arrested for a DUI in September and was assigned the same judge that handed down a 93-day prison sentence to another former Bull, Jalen Rose.

This month, Derrick Rose settled a personal injury claim over his playing days at the University of Memphis. Now, the 2011 NBA MVP has been tied to a Los Angeles DUI as his childhood friend was arrested with Rose in the passenger seat, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

DUI to Blame for Chili's Car Accident

On Saturday night, Joleena Ramos drove her car into the side of a Chili’s restaurant. The Chili’s car accident injured seven restaurant patrons. Ramos herself was critically injured.

Officials now say that alcohol was to blame for the accident, and Ramos faces DUI charges.

At about 11:00 p.m., firefighters responded to a fire and car crash at the Far South Side Chili’s restaurant, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. Ramos had reportedly driven her car into the front of the restaurant, causing the building to catch fire.

Randy Michaels DUI, Former Tribune Co. Chief Arrested in Ohio

Randy Michaels DUI, former Tribune Co. chief executive has fallen even further.

Michaels was arrested for a DUI near Cincinnati early Friday morning, reports the Chicago Tribune. Police found his car stuck in a ditch with water up to the vehicle's frame in a construction zone. An officer who approached the car said he smelled alcohol on Michaels, noticed his eyes were bloodshot, and described Michaels as unsteady on his feet.

Paris Barker Faces Charges After Fleeing DUI Arrest

We wrote before that it’s oftentimes not the initial DUI that gets someone in the most trouble, but the violations that happen after the stop. That was the case with Paris Barker of Elizabeth who was approached by police after he fell asleep in his parked car, and then allegedly led police on a wild goose chase.

Police got a call on Sunday afternoon that there was a man apparently slumped over the steering wheel of his parked car, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

Marlon Dampier Pleads Guilty to Fatal DUI

Marlon Dampier, a 24-year-old Chicago man, pleaded guilty to the fatal DUI that killed Jonathan Fultz and will receive ten years in prison.

In 2008, Dampier crashed his car into a vehicle at the Markham Roller Rink parking lot, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The force of the collision caused the other car to roll over, injuring four passengers, including 28-year-old Fultz.

Huffing and Drugged Driving Arrest

John Sullivan was arrested over the weekend on charges of driving under the influence and improper parking of his car. The 45-year-old man from Northbrook was allegedly “huffing” from a can and he now faces drugged driving charges.

Police received calls about a man slumped over the steering wheel of his car, reports When police arrived, Sullivan admitted he had three beers. It’s not clear if the beers caused Sullivan to act intoxicated, or if police would have charged him with a DUI based on the beers alone.

Cook County Sting Operation Nets DUI Arrest

Tayrone Davis wanted free electronics so bad that he ran to a Cook County warehouse to ensure that he was still eligible for the prizes. Little did Davis know, he was running to his arrest as part of a Cook County sting operation. Davis had been wanted on an outstanding DUI warrant.

Davis was one of 100 wanted fugitives fooled by the police operation, reports the Chicago Tribune. Undercover cops had sent about 10,000 bogus offers to the last known addresses of wanted fugitives offering them $75 to test electronics products and promising them that they could take the electronics home afterwards. About 50 fugitives responded and made appointments, while others simply showed with the letter in hand.

Mark Ditka DUI: After Mike Comes Mark

Mark Ditka DUI. Yet another son of famed Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka has been arrested for driving under the influence. Last week, Ditka was arrested in Deerfield after a routine traffic stop gone bad. His brother, Michael Ditka, was previously arrested for a DUI in April and recently saw his charges upgraded to felony charges due to previous DUIs.

On September 24, a police officer noticed that Mark Ditka was driving without a front license plate, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. The police officer attempted to make a routine traffic stop, but Ditka refused to stop and continued driving.

Drunk Steals Ambulance, Crashes

Not really a new story, except for the vehicle involved: drunk steals ambulance and crashes into four parked cars. Juan Hernandez didn’t have a criminal history prior to Sunday, but now he has a host of pending criminal charges after his strange joy ride.

The 36-year-old Hernandez allegedly stole an ambulance parked outside the Norwegian American Hospital, reports the Chicago Sun-Times. At about 1:40 a.m., the Chicago Fire Department ambulance was parked outside the hospital. One of the two paramedics assigned to the ambulance was inside the hospital while the other was outside in the back of the vehicle. Hernandez reportedly jumped behind the wheel and drove off.