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Illegal Transportation of Alcohol in Illinois

Twenty-one year old Anthony Chavez was found asleep inside his car in an Elburn ditch. Police charged him with a DUI and illegal transportation of alcohol in Illinois.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, police received a complaint that there was a man asleep inside a car near East County Line and Perry roads. When police arrived, they found Chavez sleeping inside his car. He was charged with drunken driving and illegal transportation of alcohol.

At the time of the arrest, Chavez was obviously not driving -- he was sleeping. Yet, the man was charged with driving under the influence anyway, reports the Sun-Times. One can assume that police looked at the circumstances of Chavez's car being inside a ditch, his heavy slumber, and what were probably open containers of alcohol inside his car and found that the situation warranted a DUI.

As for the illegal transportation of alcohol charge, it is generally illegal for drivers or passengers to transport, carry, possess, or have any alcohol inside a motor vehicle unless the alcohol is in its original container and the seal is unbroken. Someone who violates this law is subject to having his driver's license suspended.

Strangely, the transportation of alcohol law specifies that it only applies to transportation of alcohol while driving on a "highway." There is no mention of whether transporting an open container of alcohol on a county road or other non-highway would be illegal. Still, before testing the illegal transportation of alcohol in Illinois laws, one may want to consult with a DUI attorney.

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