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Jalen Rose Arrested Shortly After DUI Hearing

The Jalen Rose DUI netted the former Chicago Bulls forward plenty of trouble as he faced jail time and was suspended from his job as an analyst at ESPN. Now, it’s being reported that just hours after he was sentenced to 93 days in jail for the March drunk driving incident, Rose was stopped for speeding after going nearly twice the speed limit.

According to CBS, Rose was involved in a single car accident in March when he veered his SUV off a snowy road. No one was injured in the accident, but Rose admitted to drinking six martinis before the accident. For the DUI, Rose was sentenced to 93 days in jail. However, he could have been released after serving only 20 of those days provided he didn’t get into any more trouble.

But he just couldn't help himself. Just hours after he was sentenced to jail, Rose got into trouble again as he was caught going 46 mph in a 25 mph zone, reports CBS. Whether this traffic violation counts as "any more trouble" which would require Rose to serve all 93 days of his DUI sentence remains to be seen.

It also remains to be seen whether Rose's defense team will still appeal the 93-day prison sentence. Rose basically received the opposite treatment of football player Donte Stallworth, who received a shockingly light sentence of 30 days for killing someone while driving drunk, and Rose's lawyers considered appealing the tough sentence. They may now want to reconsider that appeal.

The Jalen Rose DUI netted the former Bull a possible 93-day jail sentence of which he probably only needed to serve 20. But with his traffic stop just hours after sentencing, Rose may find himself in jail for the duration.

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