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Raul Vega Arrested For DUI After Celebrating Divorce

Law enforcement officials recently caught a drunk driver from Little Village slowly "coasting" down the middle of the street on the Southwest Side, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Police said 34-year-old Raul Vega was slowly driving his Oldsmobile Alera at a whopping speed of about 5 mph.

Apparently,Vega had been extremely inebriated after celebrating his divorce and admitted to police that he had drunk 10 to 12 beers to commemorate the life-changing event. Authorities did not seem to share his sentiment and immediately arrested Vega for several DUI-related offenses.

Odgen District officers saw Vega’s car being followed by the person who had called the police when they arrived at the scene. A police report said the cops were able to stop the car by hand and pounded on the window to wake Vega, whose eyes were closed behind the wheel with head was “cocked back” in the driver’s seat.

Police ordered Vega out of the car and found that his speech was slurred, his eyes were bloodshot, and his eyelids appeared heavy. They found that he had also been driving with an expired driver’s license.

The recent divorcee was charged with two misdemeanor counts of DUI and felony aggravated DUI and also cited for having an expired driver’s license, driving left of center, driving too slowly, and not wearing a seat belt.

Raul Vega will definitely have to find an attorney who can offer him legal counsel and explain the rights and legal options he has in this drunk driving case. He will likely lose his driving privileges and face potential criminal penalties that might include time in prison and paying a fine.

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