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Warrant Frontman Jani Lane Gets 120 Days In Jail For DUI

The lead vocalist of 1980s-era spandex-and-big-hair band Warrant, known for its innuendo-laden "Cherry Pie," was sentenced to 120 days in jail for his second DUI in a year, TMZ reported.  

Jani Lane was arrested in Woodland Hills, California on May 9 after he allegedly crashed into a parked car and registered twice the legal limit for blood-alcohol content. No one was injured in the incident.

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The rocker also will lose his driver's license for three years and is required to complete a 30-month alcohol dependence program in addition to his jail time. He's expected to surrender to authorities on July 27, according to the Toronto Sun.

Toronto Sun reporters also noted that Jani Lane spent two days in jail and 36 months on probation for his prior DUI conviction, meaning the much stiffer sentence this time likely was a probation violation.

Celebrity gossip Web site said 46-year-old Jani Lane (who still wears his rock star makeup, by the way) was arrested by the same officer who hauled him in last time. And, it noted, he also hit a parked car in his previous DUI incident.

Rock stars, unless you're the Rolling Stones, usually have very short shelf lives. According to a description by Popeater, Jani Lane is no exception:

A bloated, sauced and generally downtrodden Lane appeared on the 2005 season of VH1's 'Celebrity Fit Club.' After cleaning up his act, Lane reunited with Warrant, only to leave the group again in 2008.

So much for "cleaning up his act."

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