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Repeat DUI Offender Shot, Killed By Police

Police officers say they were forced to fire at possibly drunk motorist Dan Mojziszek (ABC Chicago) in self defense when he allegedly tried to run them over with his car. His surviving family members, however, beg to differ and say they plan to file a lawsuit against the department (ABC Chicago).

Mojziszek, 53, was driving on a revoked license and had a long history of DUI convictions throughout the Chicagoland area. Franklin Park police pursued Mojziszek after witnessing his allegedly erratic driving, a witness told reporters:

"Definitely not something you see every day," said Nick Chrysler, witness. "He was obviously swerving and stuff like he had been drinking."

Officers say he ignored warnings from the loudspeaker to stop and get out of his car and instead tried to ram his car into the police. Fearing for their safety, officers claim, they got out of their cars and fired several rounds into Mojziszek. But Chrysler wasn't able to corroborate their story.

Some better evidence of what really transpired could surface through the discovery process if Mojziszek's family follows through with its threatened lawsuit, but he does have a documented history of violent behavior and evading police. He was sentenced to five years in prison and had his license revoked in 1991 after fleeing police while under the influence of alcohol.

Franklin Park Mayor Barrett Pederson said he stands by the officers and their account of what happened. Mojzisek's friends and relatives say he recently had been treated for mental illness and that his state of mind may have played a major role in the tragic incident.

Illinois State Police is investigating the shooting, as is protocol.