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First To Be Ticketed For Texting Also Drunk

Much has been said about the distraction that comes with texting while driving, and some even say it's more dangerous than drunk driving (Times UK). A teenager quoted by an article in Mashable says it all:

"Yeah [my dad] drives like he's drunk. His phone is just like sitting in front of his face, and he puts his knees on the bottom of the steering wheel and tries to text."

As if that isn't frightening enough, the Illinois driver with the dubious distinction of being the first to receive a ticket under the state's new texting while driving law also was drunk at the time (Tribune). Des Plaines-based Terry Moore was pulled over after an officer saw him weaving across the center line early in the morning on Jan. 2.

It was Moore's third DUI offense. He was charged with felony aggravated driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with a a suspended license, improper lane usage and illegal use of communications for texting. 

Intoxication is easy to prove, but how did they confirm that Moore was texting while driving? The officer actually saw him do it, according to a Sun-Times article about the incident quoting Des Plaines Police Chief Jim Prandini:

"Our officer pulled up next to him and saw him texting. "What brought his attention was the erratic driving."  

Moore was fined $75 for the texting offense, overshadowed by his repeat DUI charges.