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Defense Says Cops Erased Video Of Judge's DUI Arrest

The case of a Lake County judge arrested for drunk driving nearly two years ago took an odd turn when Judge David Hall's Illinois DUI attorney, Douglas Zeit, argued that a videotape of the arrest was erased by cops (Tribune).

In addition to the DUI allegation, the judge was charged with resisting arrest. But without the tapes, evidence of the alleged resistance by Judge Hall is scant.

One of the squad cars involved in the arrest had an older VHS system, while the other car had a newer digital system but it was out of order. Prosecutors claim they gave the only tape of the arrest to defense lawyers. No mention was made about why prosecutors failed to make a copy of the tape for their records.

Zeit first attempted to challenge his client's charges on grounds that his privacy rights under HIPPA laws were violated when an officer allegedly advised hospital staff on how to take his blood sample (Chicago DUI Blog). Presiding Judge F. Keith Brown allowed Zeit's request for names of hospital staff that may have had access to the sample.

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