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Astute Citizens Stop Extremely Drunk Motorist

At more than four times the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration, most people would be on the verge of a coma and probably would have already passed out. 

But not 36-year-old Jennifer Gill (Post-Tribune), who witnesses say was weaving all over the road as she attempted to drive her two children to school at 8:30 a.m. The Valparaiso woman allegedly swerved her SUV "at least six to 10 times" before concerned citizens took action.

Never mind her near-fatal dose of alcohol, at least according to the breathalyzer results, the real story here is how three other motorists surrounded and eventually stopped her vehicle.

Her BAC registered a staggering 0.323 percent when police gave her a breathalyzer test at the police station. Gill also failed to feed her kids before leaving the house, according to police interviewed by reporters:

The children, a 6-year-old boy and a girl celebrating her 10th birthday, said they were hungry because they didn't get breakfast before leaving for school. Police fed them and released them to their father.

Amazingly, no accidents occured. At least three vehicles swerved off the road to avoid head-on collisions with Gill's SUV.

The three heroes told reporters they feared for the safety of the children and decided to stop the car before something terrible happened. One driver pulled in front of Gill's vehicle when she stopped at a red light and the other two cars blocked her in place before one of them contacted police.

She's being charged with a felony DUI with a minor passenger and drunken driving endangerment. This is an amazing story that could have been much, much worse.