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Man Imprisoned, Again, After 13th & 14th DUIs

Unfortunately there is no shortage of repeat DUI offenders throughout Chicago whose revoked licences still are not enough to keep them from driving while drunk. The latest (Daily Herald) is a pair of DUI convictions -- numbers 13 and 14 (he got his 14th before the arraignment date for number 13) -- which will put Crystal Lake resident Daniel Munoz behind bars for the next decade.

The 56-year-old man is no stranger to the big house and has spent time in prison for DUI convictions twice before. Judge Joseph Condon offered words of both encouragement and disappointment at Munoz's sentencing hearing:

I think you have the power to avoid that behavior. I'm not optimistic about you exercising that power.

He won't get another chance until he's released at age 66. Fortunately his drunken driving escapades have not injured or killed others but his record stretches back 25 years and includes convictions in New Mexico in addition to Illinois.

He served time in 1988 and again in 2002. Oakwood Hills police arrested Munoz in 2007 for swerving and driving just 20 mph in a 40 mph (at least he reduces his speed when drinking and driving), loaded on whiskey with a BAC of 0.385 -- which is nearly five times the limit.

Munoz told the judge he had a lot of stuff on his mind and "I guess I started drinking too much" (Daily Herald).

You think?