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4-Time DUI Offenders May Drive Under Proposed Law

If a proposed bill passes, four-time DUI offenders in Illinois may be able to apply for restricted driving permits.

Under the current DUI laws, only drunk drivers who incur up to three DUIs are allowed to apply for a restricted permit, according to Illinois' KFVS-TV.

So if passed, how will the proposed bill affect the current laws?

5 Reasons to Plead Guilty in DUI Case

In light of Schaumberg District 54 Superintendent Andrew DuRoss' recent DUI arrest, Chicago residents may be wondering if it would be beneficial to him or themselves to plead guilty in a DUI case.

Being a public figure, like a superintendent, could result in people learning a little too much about you in an open trial. So it may be in some public figures' best interests to plead guilty.

For everyone else, here's five reasons why you should consider pleading guilty in a DUI case:

Josh Brent Gets 6 Months Jail for Fatal DUI Crash

Josh Brent, an ex-Dallas Cowboys and University of Illinois football player, was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years probation for a fatal DUI crash.

Brent was convicted of intoxication manslaughter after a drunk driving accident in Dallas killed his friend and former Illinois teammate, Jerry Brown.

Brent was sentenced under Texas laws, but what are the laws in Illinois?

Can You Fight DUI License Suspension?

One of the consequences of getting a DUI is an automatic suspension of your driver's license, but there are ways to fight your DUI license suspension. Case in point, 2014 began with a WBBM investigative reporter, Dave Savini, planning to fight the suspension of his license following a DUI arrest, reports Media Bistro.

There are three basics to remember when it comes to fighting DUI license suspensions.

5 Don'ts After a DUI Crash

Nobody wants to be involved in a DUI crash, but if you happen to land yourself in one, there are some do's and don'ts to follow.

Case in point, a Kenosha man was charged with not only two felony counts of driving under the influence but also a misdemeanor charge for leaving the scene of a crash, Chicago's WMAQ-TV reports. That last charge could have been avoided had he stuck to proper protocol after a crash.

A DUI-related crash is already bad enough; you don't want to exacerbate the situation. Here are five don'ts to avoid after a crash:

Can You Sue For DUI Arrest Injuries?

Can you sue for injuries stemming from your DUI arrest? While the conduct leading up to the arrest for a DUI may be the driver's fault, there are still some injuries during arrest for which others are responsible. These sorts of injuries are being alleged by Cassandra Feuerstein after an incident she claims required her to obtain facial reconstructive surgery and the insertion of a titanium plate to replace shattered bones, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Feuerstein was detained for a short period of time after being arrested for drunken driving. What happened, exactly, to result in these injuries, and does she have a claim?

5 Things to Know About Ignition Interlock in Illinois

Chances are, if you've been convicted of a DUI in Illinois, you will need to know about ignition interlock. "Ignition interlock" refers to a rather pesky kind of device that allows a DUI offender to continue to drive on a provisional license.

How does it work, exactly? First, the driver must find an authorized ignition interlock service to install the device into their car. Once installed, the driver must then blow into the device every time she wants to start her car. If the system registers her breath with no alcohol detected, then the engine will start. If there is any alcohol detected over approximately 0.00%, however, then the engine won't start.

Now that you know the basics, here are five other important things you should know about ignition interlock laws in Illinois:

Wake-Up Call: Don't Get a DUI While Sleeping and Parked

Sleeping in your car while drunk, and drinking in your parked car, can both land you a DUI in Chicago.

While most DUI arrests occur when a driver is pulled over by law enforcement for driving while intoxicated, a "parked DUI" can be just as illegal.

Are DUI Checkpoints Ever Illegal in Illinois?

DUI checkpoints are generally not welcome by drivers, even if they are behind the wheel completely legally (read: sober). While many states do not actually conduct DUI checkpoints, Illinois is not one of them. This means you likely will encounter one, if you haven't already.

So, can DUI checkpoints ever be illegal? Here is some background information and the answer to that question.

Driving While Medicated: DUIs and Medical Marijuana

The Illinois bill concerning medical marijuana, now awaiting Gov. Pat Quinn's signature, places serious limits on its use. The bill in no way protects pot-smoking patients from DUI penalties.

For a driver who is found to be under the influence of medically legal marijuana, here are the possible ramifications: